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Sencet represented a brand with a comfortable environment for human settlements. Sencet highlighted the remarkable characteristics of high quality, simplicity and practicality, and gradually developed and expanded. Where there is a sencet, there is a comfortable habitat environment. In a swoop to become the industry's well-known brands, products sell well all over the world, favored by users!

  • ST-6300
    Micro Foam Magnetic Discharge device
    1. No maintenance, easy to install
    2. Quickly remove large amounts of free gas
    3. Solve the system of oxygen corrosion, extend the service life of the system equipment
    4. Effective removal of metal debris and sewage
  • ST-1637
    Auto Brush Front Filter
    1. Large Flow Design
    2. free disassembly and washing
    3. the real automatic scrubbing
    4. short time, less water, scrubbing the cleanest
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